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9 Types Of Women You MUST Totally Avoid



Hey man,

Today, I’ll want to talk about the 9 types of women you must avoid.

Now just because she’s hot, gives you attention, and sleeps with you doesn’t mean you have to tolerate her bad habits or behavior.

Life is too short to settle for low-quality women. Your happiness and peace of mind are more important than being the guy with the “hot girl”.

High-Quality Women:

Support you, make you a better man, and help, in any way necessary, to get you to where you want to be in life, understand and respect your wishes, where you’re at, where you’re going, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Know when to be there for you and when to give you time and space. Don’t hinder you from becoming a better person or the man you ultimately want to be.

Avoid women who are selfish, inconsiderate, manipulating, reckless, irresponsible, and are trying to improve.

So, from experience, here are 9 types of women you want to avoid dating because they will leave you unhappy, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.

As a man, if you notice you have some, or a lot, of these traits, start working on improving yourself so women don’t view YOU as a low-quality man.

More and more men are struggling to meet the “right” woman or the type of woman they want around long-term.

Just because she’s hot, popular, cool, and has hot friends doesn’t mean she’s high-quality. Looks don’t mean anything is she has a bad personality or she’s crazy.

We’re all flawed, but low-quality women drain you of energy and motivation and make you a lot less happy and fulfilled than high-quality women.

It’s wise to take your time, get to know women well, and avoid jumping into relationships too soon because you think you’re “in love”.

Without further ado, here they are;

1. Abusive, Rude, and Disrespectful

Disrespectful and rude women are, not only, embarrassing to have around, but they ruin your reputation for being a man of self-respect.

When you respect yourself, you only date women who respect THEMSELVES. If you don’t tolerate second-rate behavior from yourself, don’t tolerate it from anyone else.

2.  Insecure and Jealous (Your Phone Made a Sound?..Who’s that bitch)

When she bombards you with questions like;

“You like her?” You like her too?” Did you bang her? Why are you looking that way?” I was gone for 5 minutes. Who did you have over here?” Who’s calling you?” Why is your phone locked?” “Why did you take 2 whole minutes to text me back? Texting other girls?”Oh, you’ve known her since you were 5? Did you tell that bitch you have a girlfriend?”Why doesn’t your Facebook say you’re in a relationship? What are you hiding?!”

Never date women who think they own you.

You will hear it all. Nothing gets under your skin faster than dating insecure and jealous women.

A little jealousy once in a while is understandable because she cares for you and has probably been with you for a while.

Just a little…

But if it’s non-stop and she’s always making jealous remarks about everything you do, move on and avoid women like her in the future.

3. The Liar and Fake Girl

Some women are incapable of telling the truth and even when there’s no reason to lie, the liar and fake girl lie. She lies about everything – who she’s dated, who she knows, where she lives, how much she goes out, how much she drinks, who she is, the things she likes, etc.

The lying doesn’t serve a purpose because if it was just honest, she’d be in a better position.

A lot of women lie because it’s all they’ve ever done and they think you’re just “another guy” dumb enough to fall for anything she says.

If she lies when she meets you, there’s no telling how much she’ll lie and how “sneaky” she’ll be in a relationship.

Transparent date women, tell the truth, and have no reason to hide anything.

4. The Drama Addict

She’s the drama queen always involved in and feeding off of drama and chaos. If she’s not part of it, she’s starting it.

When things are cool, calm, peaceful, and going smoothly, she starts drama or joins the party on someone else’s drama.

Drama addicts:

•Have to be part of an argument or disagreement between friends

•Find reasons to be mad at someone or to stop being friends with them

•Help spread gossip, rumors, and are part of the “did you hear what happened with _____?

•” Are never satisfied unless they’re part of the drama

•Avoid the drama queen and dramatic women.

Irresponsible, Immature, No Priorities
Some women think life is a big joke and don’t take the consequences of not having their act together seriously. They create problems for themselves and their parents, family, or friends and just latch onto one guy after another so they don’t have to be responsible.

You can’t teach an immature woman to become more responsible, mature, and to get her priorities in order if she doesn’t want to. She can’t be forced to get her act together, pay attention to detail, think before she acts, and plan for the future. You can’t force her to set goals and work towards them.

If you are responsible, mature, and have your priorities lined up, you will clash with her.

5. Immature and irresponsible women

Get in the way and stop you from doing what you’re trying to do with your life
•Abuse and waste your precious time that YOU NEED to focus and work towards your goals
•Keep you from instilling good habits
•Turn your life into chaos

Your responsibilities, maturity, happiness, peace of mind, and life goals COME FIRST and if she has no respect for what you want, you should avoid her. She can ruin her life if she wants, but she’s not ruining yours as well.

If you hang out at bars or clubs on weekends, you might see some of the same women there all of the time – and every time they’re with or leaving with a different guy.

6. The Silent Psycho

When she’s anti-social, doesn’t like other people, and seems “off”, sleep with one eye open and stay on your toes.

Women who don’t manage their stress, anxiety, and anger in a healthy way let the pressure build up until they explode. When they go bananas, they don’t care who sees. It will traumatize you and embarrass you like never before.

Many of these women are also suicidal and will threaten to do you or themselves harm. Just wanted to throw that in there

7. The Bar and Club Addict

It’s not bad for women to go out and have fun but the bar and club rats usually have very little balance and boundaries. They never want to do anything except go to bars and clubs, party, and get drunk. It ALWAYS gets out of control and they have a hard time growing up and growing out of it.

It’s almost impossible to maintain a stable relationship when one doesn’t want to take a break from the bar and club scene for a while.

If she wants to date you AND still party and drink like she’s single, she’s wasting your time.

8. Drug Addict and Alcoholic

Everyone has their problems so there’s no need to be judgmental and mean.

Don’t try being her hero and saving her. If she’s on drugs or an alcoholic, she needs more than a boyfriend – needs counseling and therapy. She’s at a point in her life where she needs to focus on herself, her problems, and her health. She’s not capable of responsibly handling a man in her life.

She won’t change for anyone but herself and if she’s not ready to change, you will be miserable and unfulfilled in the relationship.

9. The Man User

Men who want to be “helpful” are too blinded by women’s attention and approval to realize they’re being used. They buy drinks at the bar, give women rides, pay their bills, give them money, watch their kids, fix their car, and, even, give them a place to live.

Women who use men are not in distress. They’re using men to fix the problems they created. Man users deliberately don’t take money to bars and restaurants because they know men will buy them drinks all night long. Their bills get out of control because they know men will pay them. They don’t manage their spending because they know men will give them money.

If you suspect she’s using you, stop helping her. When stays, she probably wasn’t using you. When she leaves, it means she was


From time to time, will run into a few of these types of women and it’s best to be prepared and know what you’re getting into.

I’m not judging these women or saying they’re bad people – they’re just not going to make you very happy.

Place your happiness and peace of mind above all else and stay focused on your path and goals.

If a woman is taking away from your happiness and becoming a major distraction, move on and avoid her.

That’s the high-quality woman you’ve been looking for.

Never settle for less than what you want or because she’s “hot” and fun to party with.

Always look at the bigger picture and what’s best for you and your life.

Keep the woman who makes you a better man – not the one who tears you down, messes up your life, and keeps you from getting to where you’re going.

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