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Understanding your Fear of Crowd – Agoraphobia



What is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia( Fear of Crowd) is characterized by panic in reaction to the mere idea of an uncontrollable situation involving large groups or outdoor spaces. The phobia is linked to anxiety disorders and affects nearly 3% of the population.

Do you get anxious as soon as you discover that you have to get out of your home on your own?

You’ll do everything to get a companion with you. Even then you aren’t able to leave them even for a moment because you are afraid they may not be there in the event you require they are.

Are you constantly worried about finding yourself in a embarrassing circumstance that you can’t overcome?

If you identify with all these, then it’s high time you took action since you might have Agoraphobia. Agoraphobia may be the fear of being in an unavoidable circumstance, but this disorder is not escapable.

However, to manage and conquer it, we must first know what is agoraphobia, and the root of it.


What are the Common Causes of Agoraphobia? :

Agoraphobia typically manifests at the age of 15 for the majority of people. Here are a few of the most frequent causes of agoraphobia:

The incidences of panic attacks in the public
If someone is experiencing an attack of panic when they are in the public space, they could suffer from anxiety. The incident itself, the venue and the environment the event took place in is the main focus of the panic and makes it impossible for the person to leave the house on their own.

Anxiety disorders and genetics
A genetic condition or medical condition may expose a person to the risk for developing anxiety disorders , such as agoraphobia. Like, IBS or asthma. A biological imbalance in the hormone known as fight or flight and adrenaline or neurotransmitter problems could be the cause of your response to stressful circumstances can be a source of worry.

Environmental factors
This is among the most evident agoraphobia-related causes. If the person was raised in a hostile situation or lost a beloved one in the early years of their lives and it manifests in anxiety about uncontrollable situations. The people who are aphobic try to avoid unpredictability circumstances due to their fear from an event in their past which is deeply embedded in their mind.

Below are some instances that cause panic attacks when an anxious person is.
* Open spaces
* Public spaces enclosed
* Being the only person outside the home
* Public spaces that are crowded
* Public stressors

The anxiety increases as the triggers start to trigger an anxiety attack every time they venture out.

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Agoraphobia (Fear of Crowd)

Is agoraphobia a real thing? Agora is a Greek word that is a reference to’marketplace’, and “phobia” is a reference to fear. Although the meaning of Agoraphobia isn’t easily described as the fear of public spaces. Agoraphobia is a fear that is experienced in unavoidable situations or locations where the individual feels in control, or is unable to get out of.

Aversion behavior is the most frequent behavior seen by those who are apprehensive’. The person sees the situation as undesirable and decides that they should stay away from it, which causes them to cut off their interaction with the world outside. They begin to remain at home and organizing their lives in order to minimize interactions with the outside world. If they have to leave their comfortable area, they’ll plan the route they will travel, the destination they will need to visit and the person they will take with them.

They attempt to avoid any unpleasant surprises that could occur, which gives them the sense of control they need and reducing the chance of having embarrassing moments. They bring someone to act as a shield for themselves to give them an escape plan in case they need to.


The likelihood of females is higher suffer from agoraphobia than men. The prevalence rate over the lifetime of agoraphobia among adolescents is 3.4 percent (females) in comparison to 1.4 percent (males). It is among the top ten of the most prevalent anxiety disorders in the globe.
There is no single solution to what causes agoraphobia. There are a variety of agoraphobia that are based on variables like an emotional response to triggers, stress levels or the specificity of the environment or.

Symptoms of Agoraphobia (Fear of Crowd)

Physical signs of agoraphobia may be evident only when a person is placed in a stressful circumstance. However, psychological symptoms may manifest in any circumstance.
Physical Symptoms
* Difficulty in breathing/hyperventilating
* Feeling nauseated or sick
* Heart rate that is rapid
* Dizziness
* Shaking or shaking with trembling
* Sweating
* Feeling faint or lightheaded.
* Diarrhea or upset stomach
* Panic attack

Psychological Symptoms
* Fear of being away from home
* Worries about being pushed to leave the house
* Beware of embarrassing yourself in the public
* Fear of being in crowded areas
* Fear of having to stand in long lines or waiting for an open space
The psychological symptoms stem from the stress caused by the stressful event, not due to the actual situation.

How do you deal with Agoraphobia?

There is no solution to dealing with Agoraphobia (Fear of Crowd) as it can affect the daily life of a person. The symptoms cannot be controlled on their own and prevent you from enjoying what you love. You are less active outdoors and you’re scared of events that are unpredictably.
Although your concern is justified but you are aware that the issues it creates can’t be eliminated. So, tackling it on its own isn’t enough. The good news is that it can be treated in a different way than other anxiety conditions. You just need an action plan, some practice and some professional guidance.

Self Help – What Can You Do to Help Yourself?

The treatment for Agoraphobia (Fear of Crowd)  doesn’t just involve the treatment of symptoms physical, it also includes psychological aspects. You should seek out professional assistance and change your lifestyle. If you’re not sure about seeking help from a professional immediately, you can begin by doing some self-help exercises that treat anxiety at home.

Lifestyle modifications
The most significant thing you can make is staying present. The fear of being afraid can lead us to disengage from our current situation and instead focus on the past or into the envisioned future. To reverse this, do meditation exercises. Remind yourself that you’re secure in the moment and that any threat is unfounded or just a fantasy.

Diet and Exercise
This is a major component of the treatment for agoraphobia. Exercise is also a part of your routine, and walking every day with a buddy can lead the door to recovery. One of the first things you must do is reducing the amount of stimulants you drink like tea, coffee or any other substances. Make sure to incorporate healthier foods in your diet.

Fear, or fear, is connected to the way you breathe. This is the reason breathing properly it will help you calm more easily. Practice breathing regularly at home. You can then try breathing exercises to help you relax as you think about triggers.

When you’re thinking about triggers, make sure to be able to think rationally and calm all the time. The breath is not the only thing to relax but as well your thoughts. It is important to get your mind used to thinking that going out in a group is a normal, regular and secure activity and then it will begin to see it this way. Be consistent and you’ll go quite a distance.

Find out more about your fear more
It is only possible to start treating agoraphobia once you are aware of the root cause behind it. Explore your brain to find out when you first started experiencing anxiety and what caused it. Was it an incident in your previous life? Your environment?
The same questions are often asked in psychotherapy, but doing them yourself may aid in determining the triggers that cause stress and panic, and also help you avoid any triggers until you seek professional assistance.

Professional Help for Agoraphobia  (Fear of Crowd) – The Options Available

The need for professional assistance to treat agoraphobia can involve medications and therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CBT helps to identify the root of the problem, the common behaviour and strategies for coping with the anxiety. The counselor then guides you utilize your brain and reasoning to address the root of the issue. The result is a reduction in your anxiety level until you are no longer required to be afraid of going out.

If your hormones are in equilibrium is the cause of your anxiety responses, then medication might be a solution. In putting your biological system in order, your brain responds to events calmly and naturally.

Learning to cope with Agoraphobia

It might take a while to cure, however that does not mean that you cannot learn to manage agoraphobia more effectively.
Take a trip out with your buddies for a short trip near your home in less busy times and in less crowded areas. The more enjoyable experiences you can have, the more anxiety diminishes. You should also engage in conversations with a trusted acquaintance who can help to rationalize your fears of any situation.
It is equally important to keep in mind that even when you have locked yourself away and removed yourself from all the outside world it’s always open to welcoming that you return once you are prepared. If you decide to go out, you’re not on your own and the situation isn’t entirely out of your hands.

Storyline of a person with Agoraphobia( Fear of Crowd)

I have NEVER heard of this fear of crowds at buffet phobia and just want to share in the hopes that someone will be able to identify it and help me. First, let me say that I do NOT have a fear of crowds. I’m fine in a stadium, Disney World, movie theater, etc. I only experience an uncontrolable fear when I am in a crowded buffet resturant. My fear is that someone in the resturant will either break out in a fight or blow themselves up with a bomb that is strapped to their torso.

I have not always had this fear and I cannot pinpoint a moment in time that would have caused me to develop this fear. I have shared it with a few people who look at me like I’m crazy, which I’m not by the way. I am around 40 years old and the first time this occured was a few years ago.

One interesting side note is that it does NOT occur in a crowded resturant…just a crowded buffet. Can anyone help me?

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