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Katagelophobia – Fear of Embarrassment



Katagelophobia: An Embarrassing Issue?

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“Don’t be embarrassed!” they say, laughing out loud.

. . .

Do any of these scenarios make you fearful?

  • Snorting in public, and a massive mess makes its way through the nose?
  • A sudden, loud announcement in flatulence?
  • A massive red zit that is smack dab on the side the nose brightly for everyone to behold?
  • Someone slamming the bathroom door when you’re seated on your throne?
  • Blocking the toilet at the apartment of your friend?

Have you ever found yourself in a position were afraid of being rejected during a job interview, or by someone whom you admire or, even more so, an old friend?

A list of humiliating events is endless and is able to be incorporated into the lives of anyone.


We’ve all experienced embarrassment. We’ve all had our moments of being laughed at and had moments where we wish we could just crawl into a hole, and then close the lid. We deal with these small bumps on the road by either having fun with the crowd or putting the memory into the background of our minds.

A few of us have been stricken for life by these petty, insignificant incidents. There are some, maybe even you living in absolute fear, almost terror at the thought of becoming a victim of another embarrassing incident.

Imagine being unable to handle everyday social situations without causing bone-chilling anxiety.

If you fall into this description and you are a match, you could be suffering from an extreme fear of embarrassing yourself. You may be suffering from an embarrassment fear of embarrassment that prevents you from reaching your goals of living a regular, satisfying life.

Let’s explore this fear. The key to conquering it is knowing it.

What Is the Fear of Embarrassment Called?

The fear of being embarrassed is known as Katagelophobiaand it’s more prevalent than most people think. The constant anxiety of feeling embarrassed or ashamed can hinder people from seeing their medical professionals and attending church or going out for dates.

Being averse to embarrassment could cause you to lose a lot in your life, particularly in the event that you’re competent and worthy of chances. If you’ve ever reached the point that you’re having problems navigating situations that put you at risk of embarrassing yourself It could be the right an appropriate time to take action to fix the problem.


Failings and embarrassment are reality of life. They can cause sadness, but they are something that everyone has to overcome to be successful in their careers and live happier, fulfilled lives. The first step towards resolving an issue of this magnitude is to identify it, and to recognize its triggers and its root.

Unpacking the Fear of Embarrassment

It’s time to take your fear of embarrassing yourself in the microscope to examine the flaws of this behavior.

Embarrassement is a symptom we all face however, some are more sensitive more than others. Its associates, such as shame, humiliation, similar things aren’t necessarily bad things. In fact, when they’re used in the right way and in a healthy way, they’re beneficial tools to help us in becoming better individuals.

Humans are social beings and are naturally inclined to judge one another. When this fear gets to an extreme level that it’s more detrimental than positive. The experience of having a fear could be very damaging.

If you’re looking to evaluate yourself or find out more about katagelophobia to connect with others more easily, here are some important points to consider:

  • People who are scared of being judged tend to stay away from revisiting the individuals or even objects that are inanimate with previous experiences of being degraded or ridiculed.
  • People who are afraid of being embarrassed feel more self-conscious than other people and seem uncomfortable or nervous every day. The fear of being embarrassed tends to manifest itself as social anxiety, probably due to the fact that they are closely connected.
  • People who are afraid of embarrassment have a difficult time to create meaningful, lasting connections with other people. They are deprived of connection and causes them to feel lonely and unconnected constantly.
  • People who are afraid of embarrassing themselves are hesitant to pursue opportunities in the workplace or at college to boost their careers.

What Causes Katagelophobia?

Like many fears, katagelophobia can be caused by traumatizing experiences in your most memorable years. The traumatic events include mockery, bullying and ridicule. These are all demeaning experiences that a lot of us may have had, though in different levels.

As we mentioned earlier that not all of us are embarrassed in the same waydue to our sensibilities are different. Certain people are able to laugh at embarrassing events, but make amends for their mistakes, and go on with their lives with the same degree of confidence.

However, for some, such instances could be seen differently. This is particularly true for those who are an avid overthinker. For those who are the trauma of bullying or humiliation doesn’t cease with the day, and lives within their heads as it stigmatizes them and makes people feel self-conscious.

The debilitating anxiety is an invitation to disaster, because you’re a human and are bound make mistakes. If you’re unable to deal with the annoyance of even a small error the world will be a little smaller and revolve around the worry.


Katagelophobia Symptoms

Phobias must be treated seriously. If they are not addressed, they can to get worse over time, which can prevent people from having a better level of living. Phobias can also be a well-known route to depression and anxiety.

Understanding the signs and knowing the appropriate timing or the best way to address them is crucial to conquering the anxiety of embarrassing yourself.

Physical Symptoms

Because of the strong connection to anxiety, some physical manifestations of katagelophobia can be more or like the following:

  • Tense, sweaty flashes or chills
  • The feeling of having butterflies in your stomach
  • The chest is tight
  • You’ll need to use the restroom frequently
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Nausea
  • Feeling faint
  • A increase in blood pressure

Psychological Symptoms

In extreme situations it’s not uncommon for someone suffering from Katagelophobia to suffer from panic attacks, especially in the event of being overwhelmed. Fear of embarrassing yourself can be complicated and often rooted in deeper psychological issues and fears like:

  • Fear of loss of self-control/composure
  • Feeling guilt, shame and humiliation.
  • Disconnected from others and constantly retreating into yourself
  • Dread, despair, depression
  • The mood swings and confusion
  • Social anxiety
  • Intimacy issues with strong intensity
  • Frustration

Self-Help for Katagelophobia and Katagelophobia

In one way or another If you’re dealing with this issue, you’ll need to find a way to get over it. It’s not an easy task but we are aware of it.

Because trauma is the source of many phobias, knowing how to deal with the trauma you’ve experienced is perhaps the most efficient method to deal with your issues. It could mean being forced to revisit it for a long amount of time and examining it from different angles.

Psychologists suggest you try this exercise in which you cease to see yourself as the subject of your worst fears and view you as an observer. In essence, you could be your own therapist and be able to do a better job since you’re the person who has been through your own experiences.

But, don’t take any medication without consulting with a physician or licensed psychiatrist prior to taking any medication. If your situation needs medication, seek out expert advice to determine the prescription needs.

Needing Professional Assistance with Katagelophobia

A number of reputable psychologists say that embarrassment does not exist as an emotion that is fundamental and that it arises from a mix of basic emotions that create complex emotions. That is, the fear of embarrassment you feel is connected to social anxiety, deprivation as well as low self-esteem and perhaps even more.

This is why it’s an uphill task to conquer your fears. This is also the reason there’s no reason not to getting help from a professional; no shame any way. It is always better to seek for assistance from a professional to help you change your own internal processes.

The most popular type of therapy psychologists offer is to simply talk you through it. They can help you recognize the patterns you’ve created, what you’re doing now which aren’t helping and also help you comprehend your complex emotions better.

How to deal with Katagelophobia

Some phobias are not eliminated however they can be managed with a little effort. One thing that always can help is learning more about your situation, contacting those who may be suffering from similar symptoms and finding strength in the support of others.

Another thing to remember: Do not overlook the many mental benefits that eating well and being active and fit can provide. Sometimes, a poor diet is all that’s to be causing you to feel down.

In Conclusion

It’s perfectly acceptable to stumble in an event. It’s fine when you’ve accidentally left your zipper unlocked following going to the toilet. It’s not an issue in the event that you are rejected from an interview. Most of the times they’re not disqualifying you for being not competent, but because you do not meet the requirements of their company.

Being aware that you’re not unique and that everybody experiences embarrassing situations at any level may appear to be a tough lesson, but it’s actually filled with joy. It’ll liberate your mind of its self-imposed limitations and allow you to develop and better understand other people.

Don’t be afraid to seek out help. Help is available as there’s millions like you.

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