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8 Ways Men Destroy Their Marriage



Marriage is a sacred union, and many take it very lightly. Don’t be one of those people.

The marriage isn’t easy to make-happen. You’re living your life on prayer. It’s hard to know what will happen when things become dull and boring. But, there’s always the possibility of destruction. This list is not targeted toward men since they’re always in the wrong. Instead, we’ll identify some of the things men commit that could ruin an otherwise good marriage. Sometimes, women are equally responsible for the disintegration of an unfaithful marriage.

It is essential to realize that marriage isn’t just about love. It’s more about a choice. You decide to remain with your partner throughout the thick and the thin. You choose to sacrifice your happiness to your spouse. It’s not all about Like. Like is important, but isn’t the sole thing that’s vital.

Let’s look at some of the things men do to ruin marriages.

1. Do not care about what makes your woman feel insecure

The mind of women is very complicated. They are aware of even the smallest specifics of the person they cherish. They are observant of their every move since they are highly dedicated to their partner. So it is evident that they feel insecure when they see other women. Regardless of how much she trusts you, she’ll require confirmation that you’re loyal to her, love her, and appreciate her feelings.

If you attempt to ignore her fears by constantly laughing and insisting that she makes a big fuss out of everything, you’re making a mistake, and it could come back to haunt you in the near future.

If you’re married to someone else, you shouldn’t allow your spouse to feel unwelcome. It’s normal to glance at other women; however, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your partner’s discomfort.

It will help to reassure your wife that you’re loyal to her. And it’s not difficult to prove it. Your wife will be asking her many questions when she feels unwelcome or uncertain. This doesn’t mean she isn’t confident in you. It’s just she needs reassurance and a way to make contact with you. For example, if she asks you to is still your favorite, do you have a love for her? Or, do you think you find her attractive? Do not hesitate to tell her.

Make her feel like you are still amazed by her beauty and not just tell her but convince her to believe it. Check her eyes and form an emotional connection to her. Tell her that she’s the most gorgeous you’ve ever seen. This will eliminate all doubts she holds in her head.

2. Overestimating the significance of small gestures

Even if your lady isn’t an avid gold digger and doesn’t require a diamond necklace to make her smile. It is possible to make her smile by doing things that are easy to her.

Simple gestures of love can lighten her up. If you’re too focused on the grand gestures, she may think that you’re doing them to feel guilty and want to cover up the little imperfections. Send a message that reads ‘I Like you’.

Surprise her by getting up and cooking breakfast for her will make a huge difference for you. Have a playdate with your kids right after you get home from work. Women are attracted to men who can be a good companions for children.

Do not forget her birthday, or you’ll be in for some snark. Make sure that, even after five or sixteen years, her birthday will be unforgettable for her.

I’d like to wish her happy midnight and plan an evening of surprise. Spend time with her, and if you’re working, be sure to give her all your attention, even if it’s only for a short time.

3. Don’t let anger take the most of you

When men have difficulties in their lives, they think they’re doing them a favor by not engaging the spouses in such issues. This isn’t the case at all. Their sole purpose is to shut their partner down and hold all the anger and bitterness in their bodies which are poisonous to their veins.

Women are aware of when their man is unhappy, and it’s hard to keep these issues from them. They are afraid that their spouse isn’t a good enough person to be able to assist them.

She would like to be closer to you, but not in order to create more stress. What she really wants to be is an integral part of your life. Women assume.

It’s the way it is for those who suffer from it. If she asks several times about the issue and you don’t answer her every time, she’ll feel ignored and think she’s the one to blame.

It is possible to stop it from ever happening by talking to her about your feelings and not creating the mountain of molehills. It’s as simple as that.

4. Refusing to take responsibility for your actions and acting like a man

There are things men blame their wives for, as it takes away their pride. But, of course, it could be an affair, a drinking addiction, or any other similar matter.

She is the one to blame for all your mistakes instead of accepting responsibility for your own. She doesn’t love me. That’s the reason I got involved. Are you listening to your thoughts today? How dumb do you sound?

If you’ve committed a wrong, now is the time to be an adult if you wish your relationship to be saved. Don’t blame your errors on the other person. You are accountable for the consequences your actions can have. The first step in taking responsibility is accepting.

It is essential to acknowledge that you made a mistake due to you and not anyone else. After you’ve accepted that you are responsible and accept that, you are able to proceed to the next step or never be denial.

If your wife makes your life miserable and you are a man, act like one and let her know. Be open towards her. If she genuinely loves you, she’ll feel the same. Get rid of the smoke and end the saga.

5. You are choosing someone who’s not your type or yet ready to be married.

Never rush into marriage. Marriage is a commitment that lasts for a long time, And some males make the wrong choice without taking their time.

Women who have issues with her husband will be able to share the same problems following the marriage. However, if she’s an overbearing and controlling person before marriage, this isn’t going to change overnight after marriage.

The majority of girls you meet is a suitable bride. Some girls are not mature and not ready to marry; however, they’re young, and they’re not sure what they’re in for and may be disappointed in getting married. If you’re going to get married, you must have complete clarity.

If you’re going to marry a woman who is depressed, hoping that you can be able to fix her post-marriage, it’s the risk of a lifetime.

One thing is sure that if you choose one of the women you shouldn’t, your final outcome is a loss.. So be honest and sensible and don’t allow the power that love can have on your judgment. This isn’t an easy task, so take your time and take your time and think about it.

The marriage requires both the husband and wife to be adamant every day, ignore numerous flaws, and ensure that they won’t let their love die between them. They also work to correct their shortcomings.

6. The Silent treatment

This is among the most unwise things you can do in a relationship. If you are unable to let things go inside your body, they’ll serve as an anchor. They’ll bind you to an eternal abyss that is hard to come out of. So if you’ve been fighting against your spouse, it’s best to talk about it with them, not being distant and indifferent.

Communication is vital to the course of a relationship. If two couples cease talking to one another and the distance increases, you eventually reach a point at which your partner is no longer a friend to you. There’s nothing left to discuss if you just let things be. The emotional intimacy of a relationship is vital, and it is only able to be maintained when you have a the soul-to-soul connection with your spouse.

Certain men are emotionally distant. They stop talking and they think about things inside their heads. They think they won’t be assisted. They don’t realize the power of their spouses to keep them feel happy as their marriage develops. It is unlikely that you will have the same passion you did at the beginning of the marriage. There is no reason not to talk to your lady.

Please talk about your goals with her and inform her that you envision the future in which she plays an important role. Do not just keep the small specifics inside. Instead, make them shared with your spouse so that your love is ever more enduring.

7. Being judgmental and constantly trying to make her better

Women are compassionate beings. Sometimes, they’ll face issues, and they’ll require someone to listen to them. They don’t need answers. Instead, they’d like someone to support them through these difficult moments until they find the solution.

If a man seems insistent and forces women to make decisions constantly and make judgments on her every move, it could impede the woman’s right to be free. She’ll feel less confident and unsure. It will be difficult to believe that someone is stealing her freedom.

There is no way to be perfect. Everyone has their fears and insecurities, and marriage is about compromise. It’s about loving someone completely. Men are more likely to judge due to the pressure of society to be. If your female partner commits a mistake and you want to help her take care of the issue, you shouldn’t pressure her to do so.

8. Never saying “I’m sorry.”

Every marriage has disputes and fights. One of the most challenging things to do is determine the limits and not make the argument go to the limit. Are you able to consider whether the winning of an argument is more important to your love life?

Sometimes, leaving an argument could strengthen your relationship. It can help strengthen the bond that you share. If you can end any disagreement by simply saying”I’m sorry,” and you don’t need to allow your ego to hinder your progress. If you love your spouse, they’ll make sure that they don’t undermine your self-esteem.

Apologizing implies that you’re willing and willing to do whatever you can to keep your marriage going. But, unfortunately, many men believe that an apology can harm their pride. The only thing it does is let your wife know that she has a husband with who she can share any burdens.

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