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10 Types Guys You Should Never Date



There are some extremely good people around the globe. However, some may not be for you. Looks aren’t always the best indicator and lead to bad choices. You do not want to be in a relationship that you’re afraid of.

Here’s a list of men women should stay away from. If you’re one of the men listed, would you put an end to all these behaviours? These guys are highly creepy!

1. Sneaky Hands

So, you’re enjoying a movie, looking forward to your first date when the next thing you know, you have a hand slipping over your waist. Okay, it’s uncomfortable; however, you think to yourself, let’s get cosy and watch the movie. Then your body is frozen when he starts airing up your neck and earlobes!

The guy isn’t able to keep his hands off of himself! Guys who are impulsive on an initial date must be held away from each other. If you think that he could be sex or sexual predator, seek out someone who will ask for your permission before touching you! It is impossible to expect much of a relationship if you’re looking for a man to play.

2. The Boaster

It’s unnecessary to explain to him why you love the way he smiles or what you think of the way he speaks. Instead, he will share with you about how you fell in love with his charisma and attractive looks and how you couldn’t keep him from your sights like other girls he’s met!

He’s eviler than Dolores Umbridge (All Harry Potter fans will have to agree with me on this one). Conversations with him will revolve more on HIS successes in his life. If you’re searching for an intimate relationship that is all about him, then, by all means, do it.

3. The Dumbstruck

What do I have to say about his personality? First, if he’s unable to find the courage to express himself in a literal manner, I’m not saying that there’s something wrong because he is an introvert. On the contrary, I’ve seen introverts who are more romantic, expressive, and expressive than others.

You’ve been with each other for a while, and yet the relationship isn’t working. He’s not in a position to communicate the feelings he has about you. It seems like you are stuck in limbo with him. Beware of this type of a person if you’re looking for the word “engagement” because he’s not likely to offer you anything. Instead, he’s likely there to take your time.

4. The Evader

He’s a fantastic man and a great man. However, if you give him a task, the guy will do all is in his power to get around it and come up with excuses that are more convincing than the average four-year-old.

It’s not possible to trust him in any way. Therefore, you should avoid this type of relationship if you do not want to be that puts in the time and effort (physical and emotional) to maintain a healthy relationship.

5. The Over-Desired

He’s an ideal gentleman. He can make women twirl and then land perfectly against his six-packs. It’s a guarantee that he will impress you in a flash. But the problem is that he is playing the game very well!

So you may not be paying attention to the other girls who are falling victim to his charms and excellent appearance. He is, after all, the most sought-after guy with every female you imagine wants to be with him. It is better to look for a man who intends to love one woman in many ways throughout his life.

6. The Hold On

The guy isn’t yours. You might have seen him in a gym or during one of his free days. His mind and heart already belong to somebody else. These signs must be evident right from the beginning.

He is always talking about his former flame. No matter what the men discuss, he will make the other woman part of the conversation. This alone is enough to convince you to get rid of him when it’s already too late. Nobody wants to be in an unlove triangle.

7. The Depravedass

A dark past is a part of his life everywhere he goes. He gets caught throwing insults and slurs at people regularly. Yet, he doesn’t want to think about it. His inability to be interested in studying and a healthy lifestyle isn’t doing much to help either.

If you’re not comfortable with the daredevil and tough to the bone lifestyle, it’s time to begin looking for escape routes since this is not for you.

8. The Brains

He’s an intelligent freak! This is Sheldon Cooper’s long-lost twin brother! He’s out of contact with regular people and maybe planning the first spaceship launch or the best way to overcome gravity. So if you’re not an aspiring scholar, take your reading glasses away and run for the exit.

9. The Fickle

It is impossible to be sure what his opinions are on any issue. He makes his decisions faster than someone changes their underwear. He blows in the winds, and you’ll never think about when the wind could start to blow at you. So, don’t delay the day to go flying before he blows your way.

10. The Social Animal

It’s a birthday celebration for him, and he’s”the Birthday Boy. Even if you’re taking exams next week, that won’t prevent him from throwing an event in the home. So, if you don’t keep up with the times, take a step back.

Girls, it is crucial to take care of yourself because if you don’t, who will? A single choice could end your life, and the worst thing you’d want to do is regrets it.

Ladies, Talk to me

I’m sure that you have your style of male to include in this group. Please let me know in the comments section below!


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