10 Delicious Zulu Traditional Foods You Should Try

Zulu traditional food are consumed widely by people in South Africa. Zulu cuisine is delicious as the women cook the food with a lot of passion.

The Zulu meals were cooked together, and families ate together from one pot. The meals were cooked on open fires and traditional dishes. The Zulu’s would forage through the forests for food to feed their families.

Here are the most popular foods that everyone should try:

1. Uphuthu

Uphuthu, a Zulu Traditional Foods

Maize has been a staple food that is consumed in South Africa until today. A variety of maize dishes are prepared, however uphuthu is one of the most frequently cooked. It is a dish made of the coarse grinding of maize. The fine grind is made into a dense porridge that has a crumbly texture. Uphuthu is typically served cold and may be served with amasi or spinach.

2. Amadumbe

Amadumbe food
Amadumbe, zulu food to try

Amadumbe is one of the roots that is almost like sweet potatoes. It is prepared in the same way as potatoes. It is cooked in a steamed or boiling method, or even grilling. Mashed amadumbe is typically utilized as a weaning food. Amadumbe is a nutritious and healthy food item in Zulu that is eaten by all ages. In the present, amadumbe can be also made into chips and is cooked to create an French alternative to fries.

3. Amazi

Amazi, Zulu Food


What is the most popular cuisine of South Africa? Amazi is among the most delicious Zulu drinks. It tastes like yogurt or cottage cheese. The milk is curdled. To make amazi fresh milk is put into the gourd and placed aside in order to let the milk curdle. After it has thickened the whey is removed from the curd and the curd is then consumed. Amazi gourds should not be scrubbed. Instead, it should be filled with a fresh batch of milk, which develops an distinctive taste because it was cooked inside the gourd.

4. Beef

Zulu Beef stew
Traditional Zulu Beef

What is the primary dish served in South Africa? In modern South Africa, beef is frequently consumed by people from all tribes. According to the Zulu menu the beef is cooked in a variety of ways. The tribesmen prepare the meat is split by the sex and the age. Men receive the best parts like the lover’s head, head, as well as the front leg. Women get tripe and ribs and the younger boys receive the foot and hind leg. Beef is a must on your Zulu traditional wedding menu.

5. Ujege


Ujege is a genuine Zulu bread that is steam-cooked and served with curry or meat.

6. Chakalaka


Chakalaka is among the most frequently consumed South African dishes to date. It is a tomato-based relish, which is spicy. It is a spicy relish. isiZulu recipe for food that is chakalaka are different based what family members are involved. The recipe for the side dish can be modified to increase or decrease the amount of spicy. Chakalaka was originally cooked by workers in gold mines. They mixed various beans and vegetables to prepare this delicious meal. The dish was later accepted by the Zulus and other tribes throughout South Africa. It is typically served with the starchy food.

7. Native Fruits

Native Fruits
Zulu Native Fruits

In the past in the past, the Zulu landscape was filled with wild fruit that women, children and even men savored. Freshly eaten in the course of everyday meals. The mobola plum and the marula fruit were used to extract oil. The indigenous foods were wild medlar and kei apple, the monkey orange and Milkwood.

8. Porridge (Isibhede/phutu)

Isibhede also called phutu

Porridge is often a part of the isiZulu food items. Phutu is a non-fermented porridge and isibhede is the fermented porridge. Isibhede tastes sour and causes the tongue to tingle. In Xhosa time the porridge that was fermented was also consumed. It was referred to as Umcuku.

9. Roast Meat

Roast Meat
South African Zulu Roast Meat

It is typical for different types of meat to be cooked in whole during the isiZulu tradition. Typically, the roast is served in the ugqoko , a massive wooden pan. Roasted meat could be domestic animals like sheep, chickens, pigs, or hunted wildlife like waterbucks and buffalo.

10. Traditional beers (Utywala/Amahewu)

Utywala or Amahewu
Utywala or Amahewu

The Zulu culture, the making of beer is performed by women. The ingredients are sorghum maize and plum. The grain or the fruit is cooked for a single day in front of an open flame in a specific beer making building. The mixture is let to cool for a day before being separated before serving. Alcoholic beer is known as Utywala while the non-alcoholic variant is referred to as amahewu.

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