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3 Easy Ways To Charm His Socks Off (And Make Him Fall For You)



Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know what’s going on in your man’s head all the time? (Okay, maybe not all the time.) But it would be pretty great to know how to make him fall in love with you?

I mean, you know he likes you a lot. But it would be nice to know exactly what those little triggers are that remind him how special you really are to him. What is it that makes him fall for you hard, treat you like a princess, and respect you for the awesome woman you are, right?

When a guy realizes you’re the ideal woman for him on an innate level, he’ll be ready to commit to you. So, is there a way to learn how to make him fall in love with you and get to that point faster? Try these:

1. Inspire him to rise into the best version of himself. 

Plenty of men who are currently in successful, loving relationships say that one of the reasons they fell in love with their girlfriend or wife is because she made him want to be a better man. Now, that doesn’t include telling him what to do, fixing him, bossing him around, or trying to motivate him to do things the way you think is best.

However, encouraging your guy in all his endeavors makes him want to improve, for himself and also for you. Direct some of your energy toward supporting him, and he’ll direct some of his energy back to loving you.

Do this by giving him compliments, acknowledging and validating how great he is at what he does, or telling him that whatever his dream is, you support him in making it happen. You can even ask him directly, “What would be most helpful for you? How can I support you, sexy?”

In addition, by articulating your needs, thoughts and opinions in a feminine, soft way in which you invite him to help solve the problem, he’ll feel that you respect him enough to figure things out himself. Just asking him, “What should we do about that?” when a challenge arises inspires him step into his alpha male and into loving you even more!

2. Make him feel like your hero.

Make your guy feel like Superman and he’ll fall in love with you easily and want to protect you in the love nest. Do you have a leaky faucet or a broken AC? Ask him to fix it for you. Have a stock market question that you could easily ask your financial adviser? Ask your man.

Let him know that you value his opinion, and he’ll readily swoop in and carry you off into the distance (literally and figuratively!). Since men don’t get to hunt and kill our food anymore, it’s imperative that you meet their biological need to protect.

And no, asking for help doesn’t mean that you’re weak or needy. On the contrary, it lets him know that even though you’re a strong and independent chick, you can also get your girly on and let him rule some parts of the roost!

3. Let him bathe in oxytocin. 

Things like cooking together or remembering to pick up his favorite type of bread makes him feel more comfortable with you. This makes it easy for him to remember that you two are a “perfect fit.”

Guys crave comfort; and the minute he starts feeling comfortable enough to not even think about your relationship, he’ll begin the slide toward truly falling for you. Keeping good vibes around your place — nice sheets and good smells (some guys literally think women have a magic power that makes their houses smell good!) won’t hurt either.

Being your authentic self is the first step in how to make him fall in love with you. Following the tips above will only help your man realize how special you are on a slightly quicker path.

Originally written by Marni Battista on YourTango

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

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